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Image de David Beale



SABAM composition prize in 1985, this is my opus 1. An intense practice of improvisation seemed to have prevented me from composing until autumn 1984. During hospitalization, long periods of inactivity, forced isolation without being able to have an instrument and the opportunity for a composition competition unlocked everything.


This work for eight voices is sung a capella, but an accompanying part appears on the full score, with the aim of facilitating work during rehearsals.

Duration: ± 10'


My fascination for the choral tradition in English colleges was not unrelated to the writing of this score.  This eight-voice work is intended primarily for a boy choir and is sung a capella. It is obviously respectful of the tessitura which must be taken into consideration for young performers.


The text is taken from the Book of Isaiah (Vulgate Sixto-Clementine).

Duration: ± 10'


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