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Saint-Sulpice Cavaillé-Coll organ


The Complete Set of 10 Symphonies for Organ
in an Innovative Edition


How many times have you wondered if a drawstring or keyboard change indication is missing? How to play a line that seems impractical? How to interpret suspicious phrasing indications? All these questions have been answered and clearly explained in the 13-page foreword.

As for the edition notes, indicating the editor’s comments and initiatives, they are grouped at the end of each symphony. In contrast to traditional musicological editions, the score is not cluttered with signs referring to these notes for greater clarity and comfort.


Widor asks you to play two manuals simultaneously with one hand, but the layout of your keyboards does not allow this... except by reading this edition!


Does your console contain 61-note keyboards and a 32-step pedalboard? This edition takes advantage of this, to make the most of your instrument's resources.

The foreword and the editon notes are bilingual (French/English).


The landscape format of this edition is particularly suitable for organ consoles. Spiral bindings prevent the score from closing on its own.


And finally, the quality of the musical engraving and its layout will make you want to read the symphonies that you have not yet played.

Even the movements Widor deleted have been reproduced and are available as optional extras.

Widor - Couvertures simples-V1.jpg
Widor - Couvertures simples-V2.jpg

Grouped printed scores

The complete in 3 volumes

Individual printed sheet music

10 separate volumes

General plan of all movements

PDF file

Grouped Sheet Music-PDF Files

The complete in 3 volumes

Individual scores-PDF files

10 separate volumes

9th Symphonie (Gothic)

I. Moderato
00:00 / 09:06
II. Andante sostenuto
00:00 / 06:34
III. (Fugue)
00:00 / 04:34
IV. (Variations)
00:00 / 14:07

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